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"ImageDB" Web Database Project Service

(Images, audio and video clips support enabled)



ImageDB is a customizable Web database service with features to support sophisticated database fields, multiple images as well as audio and video clips per database record. ImageDB has lot more features than BizDB Advance. When you order ImageDB, we are not only giving you the software, we also offer you a complete end-to-end database project service where everything installed on your server will meet exactly your specified requirements. If you have any questions about this service, please contact us.



What ImageDB can do:


  1. Full database management - ImageDB is a secured flat file image database system supporting record addition, update, searching, reporting and multiple image / audio clip / video clip files upload features.


  2. Image archive and support - ImageDB can support one thumbnail plus up to 4 full size images (with file upload capability) per database record.


  3. Audio/Video archive and support - ImageDB can also support optionally up to 4 audio (eg. mp3 format) and/or video clips (eg. Real Media or Quicktime format) (with file upload capability) per database record.


  4. ImageDB can support selection of multiple categories for any specified database field.


  5. ImageDB supports large number of database fields. New fields can be added to the database fairly easily. For fields requiring to store very long non searchable text information, such as thousands of characters, the software can store them outside the search area so that system performance can be maximized.


  6. If your database have large number of records evenly spreaded across a number of categories, our software can store them on multiple database files with each file representing a specific category. We only need one set of Html templates to support your multiple databases given that your database fields are identical for all categories.


  7. Powerful search engine - Our software supports both simple keywords search and multiple fields complex search. Keywords or search terms can be matched against the database based on partial words, full words or a string of words. Range checking can be performed on any numeric fields. All search fields are configurable.


  8. Flexible output layouts - All screen interfaces and report layouts are controlled by Html templates. Their styles (such as backgrounds, fonts, navigations, etc..) and report formats can all be modified easily without affecting the structure of the database(s).


  9. Powerful reporting - Our software allows you to generate multiple search reports. Each report is controlled by a pre-configured Html template. You have full control of what data are to be displayed in each of the reports. You can also sort the search results based on any 1 to 2 database fields.


  10. Auto Webpage Generation - Use this powerful feature to attract visitors to join to your site. You can advertise banners or almost anything on the generated member Web pages. (Limited to single non-framed Web page per database record)


  11. Powerful administration - Database sorting; Batch deletion of unwanted records; Webmaster has full control of all database records.


  12. Each installation can be customized to meet your special business needs (Send us your sample pages that illustrate what you want for your site. We can generate templates that would closely match your requirements. We can also customize the software to support video clip fields. Note: There will be additional cost for templates and cgi code customizations. Support of video clip fields and uploads will require a broadband Internet connection.).


  13. Each software ordered will be carefully installed on your server by our experienced staff. Throughout the project we will provide free e-mail consultation and up to 1 month post-implementation support to remove any possible errors.



Important Points to Know:


  1. This software also includes all the features available in our BizDB Advance Database Software.
  2. The rotational banner program used by our demonstration is not part of this software.


Project Cost:


The cost of getting this software and all the necessary templates configured and installed on your server is approximately US$680, subject to the complexity of your system. Please send your requirements specification to us for a free quote.


We can also customize this software to include additional features requested by you at affordable rates.


Minimum Web Server Requirements:


Run on Unix or Linux operating system; Provide full FTP access or Web space control panel with capacity to create directories, upload files and change file access modes; Support Perl and CGI scripts. No other database software required.




All of our Software Applications/Solutions are provided on a "As Is" basis. CNC Technology will not be liable ( nor responsible ) whatsoever for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use of our Software.




If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us
CNC Technology ©1999-2012 All Rights Reserved


ImageDB Demo: