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"Login Control" is a BizDB add on software used for controlling registered user login, logout, membership payment and renewal (through the use of a 3rd-party payment server such as PayPal), and automatic expiry date setup, validation and control. You could use "Login Control" to offer one or several of the following services on your Website:


  • Members only free database record posting, updating, searching and viewing service
  • Members only "Pay for Registration (or Posting) and Updating" database service
  • Members only "Pay for Searching and Viewing" database service


Note: You must have a copy of BizDB installed on your Website before using this software.



Detailed Software Features:


  • Provides a Web based Login and Logout interface for any registered member to enter a "member area" through which the member can (a) update and delete his own record ( limited to one per member ), (b) search other member records ( both "unlimited search" and "search limited to members only" are supported ), and (c) access Web pages, text or binary files stored in a undisclosed password-protected Html directory ( this type of file access is limited to registered members only ). ( If your requirement is to offer each of your registered members the opportunity to submit and administer multiple listings, please follow this link to learn more. )


  • Supports on-line payment and automatic activation of any new or renewed member records. This is an optional feature. If used, it will only work if you have subscribed to the service of a Merchant Account (On-line Payment) Provider separately.


  • Supports automatic calculation and update of the expiry date of member records. When logging into the system, the expired member will be automatically directed to a "Member Renewal" page. This is an optional feature. If not configured, all member records will never expire.


  • Supports automatic calculation and update of the "Renewal Reminder Date" of member records. By executing a reminder program daily or weekly, the Webmaster can send renewal reminder e-mails to the expired or near-to-expire members once every x days until y days have passed, where x and y are both configurable. The content of the reminder e-mail is stored in a template file and can be easily modified. This is an optional feature.


  • This software only works on the BizDB versions released after April 25, 2001. The skills required to implement this add-on feature is rated by us as "High". If you have completed the installation of our BizDB software yourself before, you should have no problem to understand our documentation and install our software. Otherwise, please consider to use our affordable installation service. Download our latest BizDB release here


  • BizDB Login Control Installation and User's Guide


  • BizDB Database Software Demonstration - the one that does not have Login Control installed


  • Order BizDB LoginControl (US$120/Copy)



Login Control Demonstration - Please feel free to do testings!




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