Metronidazole Emotional Side Effects In People

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Free File Uploader



Note: This free file uploader is not part of our BizDB Web database software. It can be installed on itself alone.


Conditions of Use:


  • This is a freeware provided on a "As Is" basis. No technical support service will be given in any circumstances.
  • Please use this software at your own risk. CNC Technology will not be liable ( nor responsible ) whatsoever for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use of this Software.
  • If you agree the above terms and conditions, you can download it here using userid=guest and password=guest .


Installation Instructions:


  • You have to install 3 files which are "uploader.cgi", "" and "uploader.html".
  • Modify line 1 of both "uploader.cgi" and "" to reflect the correct location of Perl in your server.
  • Adjust the value of the parameters defined in the header of the "uploader.cgi" script.
  • Copy "uploader.cgi" to your cgi-bin directory.
  • Copy "" to the same cgi directory as your "uploader.cgi" program.
  • Use Unix command "chmod" to set the modes of these 2 files to 0755 (executable). Example: "chmod 0755 uploader.cgi".
  • Modify the <FORM ...> statements in "uploader.html" to reflect the correct location of "uploader.cgi" program in your server.
  • Adjust the value of the <input name="maxfilesize" ...> statement to meet your own needs. This defines the maximum file size you can upload. You must not change or remove any other FORM statements.
  • Copy "uploader.html" to your Html directory.



File Uploader

  This program will upload any specified ASCII or binary file into an upload directory on your Unix or Linux based Web server. If the file directory is not already cataloged, this software will create it for you.
Upload Directory Name:
Enter the name of your upload directory. Alphanumeric characters only. See note 1 below.
Source File: Press the "Browse" button to select the file to be uploaded.
Destination Filename:
Must enter full filename including the file extension, such as "harbourBridge.jpg". This will be the filename of the upload file on your Web server. Make sure the file extension is not changed. Also see note 2 below.
Assign access modes for this file:
Enter 0755 if your file is a CGI script
Enter 0744 if your file is a Html template, an image or any read-only file
Enter 0777 if your file is a program updatable file, eg. a database file.
The leading zero "0" is significant.
If nothing is entered, the access mode of the file will be unchanged.
File Type:
Supervisor Password:
See note 3 below.


List All Files

  This program will list the filename and contents of all files currently stored in the upload directory.
Directory Name:
Enter the name of the directory to be listed. See note 1 below.
Supervisor Password:
See note 3 below.


Delete A File

  This program will delete a file from the specified directory.
Directory Name:
Enter the name of the directory in which your file is to be deleted. See note 1 below.
Delete File's Filename:
Must enter full filename including the file extension, such as "harbourBridge.jpg". This will be the filename of the file to be deleted from your Web server.
Supervisor Password:
See note 3 below.


Note 1:
  • This name will be concatenated with the value defined by "$parent_dir" in the "uploader.cgi" script to generate the full directory pathname in your server.
  • If "filedirname" = "abc" and "$parent_dir" = "/home/html/uploader/", then the full directory pathname is "/home/html/uploader/abc/".
  • You can replace this "filedirname" statement by <input type="hidden" name="filedirname" value="anyDirName"> if you don't want to let users specifying the directory name.


Note 2:
  • If the <input name="destn_filename"> form statement is removed or the input box of this field is left blank, the source filename will be used as the destination filename.


Note 3:
  • Supervisor password is defined in the "uploader.cgi" script. Please set it up with alphanumeric characters.



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