Below are the praises received from some of our happy customers:


Margaret Chiffriller - CEO Chiff.com Directory , USA
"We have been using BizDB database products for years. Before we discovered this company, we did try other products and programmers who promised to create databases designed specifically to meet our needs. The custom products were much more expensive and never matched the results we get with CNCTEK products. The original database we installed early in 2004 is still producing exactly the results we need and as we discover additional tasks we only need to ask and the functions are added - immediately! We've learned to rely on professional, efficient and extremely competent service from the support team and developers. We are now up to four target specific databases from CNCTEK that all function the way we want them to. If we need to add any more - we will stay with them. It's a relief to have found a company that we can trust to deliver the results we expect. Thanks!"


Ron Kennedy - Director Media Impact, United Kingdom
"I would like to thank you and your team for designing my on-line database. Finding a company willing to produce a bespoke on-line database capably of competingwith the big boys was a breath of fresh air. My project was very specific in its demands, other companies I approached were either not up to the job or their quotes were astronomical. I would recommend CNC Technology to anyone except the competition."


Delano P. Wegener, Ph.D. - USA
"I have been designing and writing software since 1957. During that time I have written a lot of code, worked with quite a few programmers, employed quite a few computer scientists and programmers, used many purchased programs, and interacted with quite a few support groups. Without hesitation I would rank CNC Technology among the top ten in every respect. The next time I want a database product I will contact CNC Technology. The BizDB programs are excellent programs, easy to install, and perform without problems. The programs are well written, have excellent error trapping, and are well documented. Support in the form of modifications has always been extremely fast, reasonably priced, and did exactly what I requested."


Keith Holmes - USA
"As a web designer and hosting provider, I have purchased four (4) BizDB Advance programs and ready to purchase my 5th. My emphasis is and always will be providing what the customer wants, not making the company conform to inadequate and inefficient software programs. CNC Technology has the same business philosophy -- how refreshing!!! The BizDB Advance is a VERY powerful program with MANY features that I have utilized to meet customer demands. But more importantly my customers, knowing I am working for them and not myself, have made some requests that required customization of BizDB. CNC Technology's performance in providing customization is OUTSTANDING. I listen to my customers and do my best to make clear and specific requests to CNC Technology. Their results have exceeded my expectations. Using BizDB Advance and their customization has improved my business. It can be yours as well!!"


Chris Turner - USA
"I looked at many database products for our website before I found CNC Technology. Their product is by far the most customizable and feature-packed database I have seen. With their help, the database has become a seamless and integral part of our site. Their stellar service and support has enabled us to make updates and changes over time as our site grows and changes. Our site would not be the same without it."


Rose Castle - Capitol Hill Directory
"I am so pleased with your BizDB product and your service. My learning curve has been significant but your script, installation and documentation is super for those of us who are novices and have financial restrictions as well. If you should ever need a telephone reference for a potential client, I will be happy to talk to anyone you request. Sometimes the Internet is so anonymous it is difficult to establish the level of trust that you deserve. I know that I was extremely nervous about sending you the amount of money I did without any person to person contact. It was really a leap of faith for me that you, in turn, justified."


J Nordstrom - Webmaster, Bankstonmotorhomes.com
"When I needed to get a database up and running in just a few days I turned to CNC Technology and their database products. Not only was my database online quickly but I have always received prompt service and support for the few questions I've had. The database is extremely easy to setup and use. I highly recommend that you purchase it."


Margaret Chiffriller - Chiff Inc., NY, USA
"If I could have written a coherent sentence I would have thanked you immediately. I just want you to know how much it means to ask for something and have it working! I just wish we could expand the database to keep webman as our core. This kind of service is impossible to find - and I hate to think about the day when we'll have to leave it behind - I know we'll never find anyone as good and reliable!!"


Lukas Nueesch - Visuart AG, Switzerland
"Your db script is really unique. I tried out a lot of cgi's database scripts, but all the solutions weren't as good as your one."


John Maddy - Complete Internet Services, Cincinnati, OH 45231
"I have been working with custom programmers on internet projects for the past 5 years. Without question, CNC Technology is one of the most responsive firms that I have ever worked with. Not only are they responsive but, when they make modifications to their scripts, the modifications work!"


Russell Sawchuk - www.deer-farms.com, Alberta, Canada
"BizDB enabled me to set up a farm directory website that far exceeded my (and my client's) wildest expectations, at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Technical support was prompt and very helpful!"


Mark Sweeney
"I bought CNC Technology's amazing BizDB a few months ago and really like the script. I have used it for my guestbook, classifieds, hotels, restaurants and pubs guide!"


Eric Larson - FretlessBass.com
"I looked everywhere to find affordable, user friendly, powerful database software and only CNC Technology's BizDB did the trick. The possibilities are endless and the support is extremely fast, helpful, and personal. My site wouldn't exist without it!"


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